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Smart Mining

Operating with a Pioneering Spirit

The mining industry is changing rapidly.

Innovation is at the heart of everything Intermin does. We are always seeking better, more productive ways to extract minerals from the earth while reducing environmental impacts and improving safety.

All mining companies must adapt to these challenges to survive and thrive - but our ambition reaches much further.

Putting People First

Whatever changes technology brings, our people will remain at the heart of our business - and their safety will always be our primary concern. This commitment to safety is fundamental to how we operate. We continue to develop processes that protect our workers from harm.

Intermin play an important role in driving innovation and manage the impacts of our supply chain and provide assurance that our minerals and metals are produced responsibly.

Innovation is often about boosting productivity. But for us, it is also about finding a smarter way of doing things, reviewing and refining our processes, and replicating the things that work.

Transforming the Future

Innovation is not a goal in itself; it is the path to creating shared value. By innovating, we can improve productivity from mine to market, while promoting long-term sustainability. We can foster a culture focused on continuous improvement and operational excellence. And we can lead the way in connecting extraction technologies, automated systems, and data analysis to transform the future of mining.